Unpublished Works



Jeff D. Stahl

This page presents papers or research that I have completed or am currently working on:

My high school research paper is called the "Lennon/McCartney Collaboration." This paper discusses the stylistic differences between John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.

In my time at Temple University, one of my projects was based on parental involvement in education. I feel that this is essential to students learning and effects motivation in education. Many characteristics are passed down from parent to child, I feel as though respect of the educational system is an essential trait that should be passed down first.

Parental Involvement in Education (PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation

Also, please take the time to peruse my student-centered issue based on the correlation between students grades and the availability of extra credit assignments.

During study in the Temple University masters program, I was given the opportunity to compile research about Vocational Guidance (PDF). In this report I discuss various ways guidance can be performed, current trends, and future plans for successful student guidance involving vocational and technical training for secondary school-to-work programs.