Professional development is an essential business subject for secondary students. This class will help students ready themselves for the "real" working world and teach the importance of several aspects of the work environment.

Please feel free to peruse the syllabus for an overall description of the course.

I have been constructing the curriculum for this course during my time student teaching at Boyertown Area Senior High school. During this process, I was able to construct the material based on the National Business Education Association (NBEA) standards. Please also take the time to look over my curriculum planning based on this document.

The Unit Plan that I have provided is a self-created document based around the mission to prepare secondary education students for employment. This unit plan encompasses the goals of entering the workplace with the most successful outcome. Here, students create an electronic portfolio containing a resume, cover letters, thank-you letters, letters of resignation, and typed answers to over 50 interview questions. This unit is prepared as a course packet of over 55 pages containing examples, content outlines, and additional supplemental materials that will help students accomplish their preparation goals with ease and confidence.