2004-2005 School Year

Welcome to my site. My name is Jeffrey Daniel Stahl. This site contains materials that speak to my professionalism as an educator. Also, I have documents and materials provided as examples of my classroom environment and subject expertise.

My Personal Philosophy discusses my motivation for being a teacher as well as lifelong influences. My classroom practices and continued professional development is documented in a section that discusses how my class lessons and activities adhere to a strong baseline of construction.

I have included a current professional resume. This resume contains a copy of my Pennsylvania Professional Teaching Certification.

Two of the classes that I am teaching are Business Law and Professional Development. For these two courses I have materials that I provide to the students that I have created for their edification. I also have contextual information for Boyertown Area Senior High school, the school where I am currently doing my student teaching.

As a professional, I am using this site to post current classroom practices that follow my personal philosophy as well as adhere to Pennsylvania's standards for education.

In my "Unpublished Works" section I have included an area that shares some of the research or projects that I have completed to display my dedication to the field of education, my drive to continuously better myself and the methods I use to teach. In addition to these documents, I have a separate section where I post a current research project that I am working on involving the availability of extra credit in the classroom. (Are students getting good grades because of extra credit, or are the student with the good grades more likely to participate to make their grade even higher? Where does the motivation lie in doing this extra credit?)


I have included a page of photos that will allow you to get to know who I am and where I come from.

Check out my BLOG!

Also, feel free to download a complete Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format of my completed student teaching portfolio.

Please peruse my website at your leisure. Email me if you have any comments or questions.


This page was last updated on Tuesday February 15, 2005
2004, Jeff D. Stahl

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